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The voices of our allies, supporters, and volunteers is key to our success.

Looking for ways to speak out and act in defense of San Francisco Bay? Below are our latest advocacy sign-ons and actions you can take for a healthier Bay. 

You can also check out our volunteer opportunities and the steps you can take at home and in your neighborhood to protect the Bay. 

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Actions for the Bay
Report Pollution

You can reach Baykeeper's pollution hotline at 1-800-KEEP-BAY, email us at hotline@baykeeper.org, or fill out the form below to submit a confidential pollution tip.

Tell Mayor Breed: Don't Let SFPUC Lead SF Backwards

California is facing a punishing drought… again. Our rivers are running low and can’t support fish and wildlife, and people across the state will have to scramble to cut back on water use. But some...

Take Action to Stop Trash Pollution in the Bay

You don’t have to be an expert to know that the Bay Area’s trash pollution problem has gotten entirely out of hand. Trash of all kinds is rapidly accumulating throughout our neighborhoods, parks,...

Tell Secretary Haaland: Don’t Boil Sacramento Chinook salmon eggs

In the spring, we raised the alarm about the risk to the Bay watershed’s unique salmon populations arising from reckless and unsustainable use of water during the drought. Salmon require cold...

Volunteer to Protect the Bay from Trash

San Francisco Bay needs your help. Trash is a serious pollution problem for the Bay, and we’re seeing a big uptick in disposable waste and plastics littering sidewalks and shorelines. Baykeeper is...

You Can Help Save the Newark Wetlands

One of the biggest opportunities to protect and restore San Francisco Bay wetlands and wildlife is at risk of being lost forever. The City of Newark has approved a development project to pave over...

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