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Stopping Polluters

Baykeeper defends the Bay and holds polluters accountable

The health of San Francisco Bay and the people who live near it is constantly threatened by polluting activities. All around the Bay, polluters dump toxic metals, oil and coal, industrial chemicals, trash, and raw sewage into the water.

Baykeeper holds polluters accountable by enforcing the Clean Water Act and other laws that protect the Bay and its people. We require polluters to comply with the law, and we make sure they fix their pollution problems to stop harming the Bay.

August Algal Bloom Causes Concern for Future of Bay Area's Sturgeon

NBC Bay Area

When thousands of dead fish began washing up on Bay Area shores last August, the result of a harmful algae bloom, researchers were alarmed to see hundreds of sturgeon carcasses among the dead....

Clean Water Act at 50: Making Lives Better

Happy 50th birthday to the Clean Water Act! This law has been Baykeeper’s primary legal tool for the past thirty-plus years, helping us win hundreds of victories for the Bay and the people of the Bay...

Like a real-life horror show, San Francisco Bay algal bloom is expected to return

San Francisco Examiner

The largest algal bloom to threaten San Francisco Bay in recent memory has finally receded, but the creature that triggered it still lurks in the bay’s blue waters, waiting for the right conditions...

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