Photo: Peter Thoeny

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Winning for San Francisco Bay

Baykeeper has been keeping an eye on the Bay and holding polluters accountable since 1989.

Over the past thirty years we've logged tens of thousands of hours patrolling the Bay for pollution violations—and we're the only ones who do it. We've won hundreds of legal actions to protect the Bay from polluters, and mapped its shoreline to prepare for climate-driven sea level rise. We compelled the US Navy to clean up its toxic, decommissioned fleet in Suisun Bay. Our legal settlements with both government and commercial polluters have generated hundreds of millions of dollars for Bay protection.

Below are highlights of our recent successes.

Is Alameda Going Underwater?

A human-made island, at sea level, surrounded by San Francisco Bay, Alameda faces an unusually high risk from sea level rise. In the coming decades, sea levels around the Bay will rise by at least...

What Goes Up Must Come Down

A metal plating company in Fremont, Global Plating, has long avoided Clean Water Act requirements by claiming to have no industrial activities outdoors. But after collecting stormwater samples,...

Fighting Giants Around the Bay

The determined underdog emerges victorious after defeating a ferocious giant. It’s a mythic story that cuts across centuries and cultures. One of the most familiar versions takes place in the valley...

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