November Sand Mining Announcement

Victory! Court Rules Against Excessive Sand Mining in San Francisco Bay
Ruling can help prevent Ocean Beach erosion and harm to Bay species


I'm excited to tell you about a big victory Baykeeper achieved for the Bay yesterday!

The California Court of Appeal ruled that state agencies and private companies no longer have a green light to extract massive amounts of sand from the floor of San Francisco Bay. The Court ruled that instead, the public's access, use, and enjoyment of this important Bay resource must come first.

This ruling can help keep sand in San Francisco Bay to prevent erosion of Ocean Beach, and safeguard species like Dungeness crab that are impacted by sand mining.

We've been working to protect the Bay from excessive sand mining for many years, and we began this legal challenge in 2012. Thank you for supporting Baykeeper's long-running fight to stand up for the Bay's sand.

Sand on the floor of San Francisco Bay is a resource that belongs to the public. But for decades, the state has permitted private companies to mine too much sand.

Scientific research shows that extracting sand from the Bay exacerbates erosion at Ocean Beach. According to the California Coastal Commission, the amount of sand removed needs to be reduced by 85% to protect Ocean Beach and other coastal beaches.

The sand mining area also includes sensitive rearing and migratory habitat for species that include Dungeness crab and Chinook salmon.

With this legal ruling, the state is required to re-evaluate the amount of sand it will allow to be mined from the Bay floor—and prioritize the benefit to the public, not the profits of private companies.

It's a critical win for the Bay, wildlife, and local shorelines. Thank you again for being part of the Baykeeper community that helped make this possible.

If you feel as inspired by this victory as I do, please consider making a gift today to support Baykeeper's work. You can also help by forwarding news of this victory to your friends and colleagues.

In celebration of victory,

Sejal Choksi-Chugh,
Executive Director

Dungeness crab photo by Dan Hershman
Victory! Court Rules Against Excessive Sand Mining in Bay