Baykeeper's E-Newsletter for May 12, 2010

Baykeeper Mobilizes to Assist Gulf Oil Spill Response

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Waterkeepers" coords="20,13,200,116" shape="rect"> Find us on FacebookFollow us on Twitter San Francisco Baykeeper has mobilized to assist with efforts to respond to the ongoing BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

We are sending two of our own staff members to meet the need for more staff support at Gulf Coast Waterkeepers. Staff Scientist Ian Wren and Field Coordinator Rosalind Becker fly to the Gulf Coast this week, to be stationed on the front lines with Gulf Coast Waterkeepers.

Over the last week, San Francisco Baykeeper has joined with other oil spill veterans in the Waterkeeper Alliance to form a Gulf oil spill advisory committee. The committee has been talking twice daily with Gulf Coast Waterkeepers to provide support and technical assistance. We've also worked with our contacts among local Coast Guard officials to make sure Gulf Coast Waterkeepers are integrated into response efforts. A number of local Coast Guard officials from the Bay Area are now headed to the Gulf Coast to implement the volunteer integration plan that Baykeeper helped to create after the Cosco Busan oil spill here in San Francisco Bay.

If you would like to help us cover the costs of sending these staff people to the Gulf Coast, please make a donation today. Please also support the response efforts of the Gulf Coast Waterkeepers by making a donation at

Read more about Baykeeper's response priorities and strategies for helping the Gulf Coast Waterkeepers.

New Power Plant Policy Better Protects Marine Life

Victory!San Francisco Baykeeper, our fellow California Waterkeepers and the California Coastkeeper Alliance have successfully helped secure an improved policy for phasing out the use of once-through cooling at power plants in California. Every year, this destructive technology kills billions of marine mammals, eggs, fish, plankton and other marine life at power plants throughout California, including the Potrero Power Plant in San Francisco and two plants in the Delta at Pittsburg and Antioch.

Thank you to all our supporters who sent emails and made phone calls urging the State Water Board to better protect marine life from destructive technology at power plants. This policy is a major step toward effectively phasing out the use of once-through cooling in California.

Read more about the new policy to phase out the use of harmful once-through cooling technology at California's power plants.

Speak Up for New Wetlands in San Jose

plantThe City of San Jose is currently considering how best to use the 2,600-acre site of the San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant. Possibilities include a state-of-the-art treatment facility that could help reduce Bay pollution as well as returning some of the site to natural wetlands and wildlife habitat.

There are two more community meetings in May to provide your input on how best to use the site, including one today and one next week. Visit to sign up for more information.

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Gulf Oil Spill Response and a Win for Protecting Marine Life