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Monthly Update for July 2015
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A Friendly Way to Remind Your Neighbors to Conserve Water

If you see a lawn sprinkler going full blast in your neighborhood, with water running off into the street, what can you do?

Use Baykeeper's friendly water conservation note to encourage neighbors to stop wasting water. The downloadable note reminds your neighbors to conserve water in several ways—including positioning that sprinkler to water the garden only, not the street.

Just download the page, fill out the friendly water conservation reminder note, and attach it to your neighbor's mailbox, door, or car windshield.

Volunteer your translation skills! Baykeeper is seeking volunteer translators so we can make the friendly water conservation reminder available in additional languages. If you can help, please email or call 510-735-9700.

Learn more and download a friendly water conservation reminder note.

Baykeeper Sues to Prevent Harmful Dredging Practices in the Bay

Baykeeper recently filed a lawsuit to stop methods of dredging in San Francisco Bay that harm endangered fish and contribute to shoreline erosion.

While dredging ship channels in San Francisco Bay is necessary, it needs to be done in a way that doesn't harm endangered fish, the Bay, or coastal beaches.

We're challenging the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to stop using a practice called hydraulic dredging that vacuums up small fish, like the Delta smelt shown here. We also want the Army Corps to stop dumping dredged sediment in the ocean, where it goes to waste, and instead use it for restoration projects that help keep sand in the Bay and on coastal beaches.

Learn more about Baykeeper's lawsuit to stop harmful dredging practices in the Bay.

Photo by USFWS Pacific Southwest Region (Flickr/CC).

Rally on July 21 to Keep Toxic Coal Trains Out of the Port of Oakland

Mile-long coal trains rumbling through Oakland, shedding tons of toxic dust into the Bay and our communities? Join Baykeeper and the Coal-Free Oakland Coalition in telling the Oakland City Council to stop the plan to send up to 9 million tons of coal each year through Oakland.

On Tuesday, July 21, join a 5 pm rally at Oscar Grant (Frank Ogawa) Plaza in front of Oakland City Hall. Then join the 6 pm City Council meeting to support action to stop coal exports from the Port of Oakland.

Shipping coal through the Bay Area for export from a new marine terminal in Oakland will send toxic dust into San Francisco Bay, where it will pollute the water and harm wildlife. Coal dust will also blow into our communities, which can cause asthma and cancer, and harm children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those with impaired immune systems. Join the rally on July 21 to speak up for healthy waterways and safe communities.

Legislature Kills Bill That Would Have Protected the Bay from Toxic Spills

State legislation that would have protected wildlife and San Francisco Bay waters from the impacts of toxic chemical spills was recently killed before it reached a vote.

Baykeeper co-sponsored Senate Bill 718, a bill inspired by the January release of a mysterious sticky gray substance into the Bay that killed more than 200 birds and harmed many more.

California has a system for state-funded agencies to respond to oil spills with cleanup and wildlife rescue. But it can't be activated for chemical spills, because the agencies are funded to respond only to petroleum-based spills. SB 718 would have corrected this loophole, so the agencies could be activated for chemical spills.

As a result of the bill's failure, if another toxic chemical spill happens in the Bay, cleanup and wildlife rescue will again be left entirely to citizen responders and nonprofits like Baykeeper.

Learn more about the failure of the bill that would have protected wildlife and the Bay from toxic chemical spills, and what it means for the Bay.

Photo by Cheryl Reynolds, International Bird Rescue.

San Jose Concrete Plant Agrees to Protect the Bay from Toxic Runoff

GiftCentral Concrete Supply, a San Jose concrete manufacturing plant, recently signed an agreement with Baykeeper requiring the company to keep toxic runoff from polluting San Francisco Bay. It's the 28th victory for Baykeeper's Bay-Safe Industry Campaign.

The company had been allowing rainwater contaminated with oil, grease, iron, and other pollutants to run off the facility and into storm drains that empty into the Bay or into Bay tributaries.

Central Concrete Supply will now be required to capture all storm water, prevent it from running off the site, and recycle it for concrete manufacturing.

Learn more about Baykeeper's pollution cleanup agreement with Central Concrete Supply.

Kite Foil Gold Cup Races: Speedy Kiting for a Healthy Bay

GiftWant to see some kiteboarders going really fast on behalf of a healthy San Francisco Bay? From July 30 to August 2, eighty of the world's fastest foiling kiteboard racers will assemble on San Francisco Bay to compete in the third stop of the 2015 Kite Foil Gold Cup tour.

The Kite Foil Gold Cup races are dedicated to protecting San Francisco Bay, and proceeds will be donated to San Francisco Baykeeper.

Make your gift today in honor of the Kite Foil Gold Cup races, and support Baykeeper's work for a healthy Bay! Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

Learn more about the Kite Foil Gold Cup races, and make a gift to Baykeeper.

Volunteer to Help Reduce Water Waste During Severe Drought

Are you interested helping conserve water during one of the most severe droughts on record? Volunteer with Baykeeper to help increase awareness and water conservation efforts at East Bay restaurants and hotels.

Baykeeper is partnering with East Bay Municipal Utility District on outreach to restaurant and hotel managers about new rules to conserve water. We're looking for volunteers who can complete about 10 hours of work during the month of August. You'll visit restaurants and hotels to share information and materials about reducing water waste.

If you're interested, please contact or call 510-735-9700. We look forward to partnering with you to help save water!

A Summer Treat: Rosé for the Bay, a Wine in Support of Baykeeper

The widely acclaimed 2014 vintage of Rosé for the Bay from Poseidon Vineyards makes a perfect summer treat. And 100% of the proceeds are donated to support Baykeeper's work for a healthy San Francisco Bay.

Enjoy a delicious rosé of pinot noir while supporting San Francisco Baykeeper! This limited 300-case production of 2014 Rosé for the Bay sells for $20 per bottle and $240 per case.

Learn more about Rosé for the Bay and order online.

Baykeeper is Hiring! Development Associate Needed

Join the Baykeeper team! We are seeking an enthusiastic and highly organized individual to play an essential role in our fundraising and communications program as the Development Associate.

The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in data and database management, experience organizing multiple projects and deadlines, the ability to execute fundraising and outreach events, and a commitment to ensuring our supporters have the best possible interactions with Baykeeper. This is an excellent opportunity to join our small, highly effective organization.

Read the job description and learn how to apply for this position.

(Photo at top by Roberto Soncin Gerometta)

A Friendly Way to Remind Neighbors to Conserve Water