Baykeeper's E-Newsletter for July 2012

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Monthly Update for July 2012
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Governor Brown Acts to Reduce Flame Retardant Pollution

sealionState regulations requiring furniture and other consumer products in California to be doused with toxic flame retardants will now be revised, with input from environmental and human health advocates.

Thank you to all the San Francisco Baykeeper members and other concerned Californians who urged Governor Brown to order these crucial revisions.

Toxic flame retardants provide no real fire protection. But California residents are absorbing these cancer-causing chemicals into our bodies, and huge quantities are washed into waterways, where they threaten marine life.

Read more about recent progress to reduce pollution from toxic flame retardants.

Progress Toward a Sewage-Free Bay

cleanbayWithin the next ten years, sewage should cease to be a major threat to San Francisco Bay, thanks to Baykeeper's sucessful Sick of Sewage campaign.

Baykeeper has secured agreements to rein in sewage spills to the Bay from 20 Bay Area cities. Once a city begins making improvements, we closely monitor the results of their cleanup efforts. This year we saw major spill reductions from most cities, and we're working with the others to continue to reduce spills to the Bay.

Read more about Baykeeper's continued progress to stop sewage spills in the Bay.

Protecting the Bay as We Repaint the Baykeeper Boat

BKBoatWhich boat bottom paint causes the least pollution and still keeps the hull free of sea growth? Baykeeper just repainted our patrol boat, and answering this question wasn't easy.

Boat hulls need specialized coatings to keep algae, barnacles and other sea life from attaching and growing on the hull, because sea growth can damage the boat and slow its speed. Most hull paints release substances that are poisonous to sea growth, and also toxic to fish and other Bay life.

Read more about the paint that didn't work, how we kept pollution out of the Bay during the repainting process and the paint Baykeeper ultimately chose.

Summertime Play on the Bay

PlayontheBayWith San Francisco Bay's summertime recreation season in full swing, let's hear from those who love to play on and in the Bay!

Five longtime Bay recreationists talk about kiteboarding with harbor porpoises, the best place in the Bay to swim, the greatest escape without having to go far—and more. And if you're playing in the Bay this summer, look for our new Swim Guide app with details on water quality at local Bay Area beaches.

Read what they're saying about summer play on and in the Bay.

Kite for the Bay on August 4

KiteKiteboarders and windsurfers, rip it up on the water for Baykeeper! On Saturday, August 4, join us at Kite for the Bay, and help raise funds for Baykeeper's work to protect San Francisco Bay.

Noncompetitive kiting and windsurfing begins 1pm at Coyote Point. Get a freestyle photo of yourself ripping it up on the water, with a BBQ to follow. Suggested donation $40, or what works for you, and you're encouraged to raise additional funds for Baykeeper.

Learn more and register for Kite for the Bay.


Swim for the Bay on September 30

SFTBCalling all open water swimmers! On Sunday, September 30, join Baykeeper for the third annual Swim for the Bay to benefit a healthy San Francisco Bay.

The Swim for the Bay is a noncompetitive 9-mile swim from the Golden Gate to the East Bay. Swimmers may participate on a relay team or solo. Registration cost is $100; each swimmer must raise an additional $300 for Baykeeper.

Learn more and register for the swim.