Baykeeper's E-Newsletter for April 22, 2009

Going Green for Earth Day? Go Blue, Too!

Have you gone green with CFLs and reusable grocery bags? Baykeeper’s got ten tips for going blue, too. Help protect San Francisco Bay from pollution by making a few simple changes around your household, and celebrate Earth Day – and the Bay – all year round. Here's a sample:

In Your Home:

  • Don’t put unwanted medications down the sink or toilet. When medications like antibiotics, anti-depressants and birth control are flushed down the toilet, they can enter the Bay and endanger aquatic life. Take unused medication to a proper disposal facility or place them in a sealed container in the trash.

In Your Yard:

  • Reuse rainwater. Reduce your water consumption and stormwater pollution to the Bay by capturing rainwater in cisterns or buckets outside your home for reuse later.

In Your Community:

  • Support Bay-friendly sewage and stormwater systems. Learn more about the stormwater and sewer systems where you live, and support funding increases for infrastructure repairs and upgrades. It’s important that we invest in maintaining effective storm drains and sewer pipes in order to reduce pollution to the Bay.

...Check out our website for the complete Ten Tips for a Healthy Bay and links to further information. You can also download copies for your family and friends so they can go blue, too.

Think globally, support locally! Baykeeper relies on community members like you to make our work possible. Help protect San Francisco Bay from pollution with a donation to Baykeeper this Earth Day. Please make a gift today!

Going Green for Earth Day? Go Blue, Too!