Bay Area prepares for much-needed rain, which will clear out smoky air

KRON4 News

Word of rain returning to the Bay Area brings much-needed relief from the smoke that has lingered now for a couple of weeks...  "The drinking water systems do filter out these types of pollutants and toxins," San Francisco Baykeeper Executive Director Sejal Choksi-Chugh said.  The San Francisco Baykeeper advocates for keeping the bay waters clean and safe.  "It's really a concern for air quality," Choksi-Chugh said.  Where the problem lies, she says, is with the runoff into our storm drains that feed into our creeks, rivers and the bay.  "A lot of pollution has accumulated on our street surfaces, and as soon as it starts raining, we are concerned that that pollution, the oil from our cars, the trash that collects on our streets, the fertilizers and pesticides that we've applied on our lawns over the summer--that stuff will wash off and get into the storm drains," Choksi-Chugh said.