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The latest on Baykeeper's activities to defend San Francisco Bay, its tributaries across the Bay Area, and the communities that rely on a healthy environment.

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New report: Delta water supply impacted by human use protections and capacity significantly more than endangered fishes

89% of Delta water flow into Bay was to combat salinity or due to water flows exceeding export capacity. Less than 1.5% related to Delta smelt. SACRAMENTO, CA—New findings published in the journal...

Trump EPA Makes it Easier to Destroy Bay Wetlands

It just got a lot easier for the Cargill corporation to pave over San Francisco Bay wetlands to build offices, condos, and strip malls. At Cargill’s request, Trump’s EPA recently issued a decision...

Meet Baykeeper Senior Scientist Jon Rosenfield

Science is at the heart of Baykeeper’s work.  Our pollution investigations and water quality monitoring, analysis of proposed environmental laws, and even lawsuits to stop polluters all rely on...

A Billion-dollar Oil Spill May be on its Way to SF Bay

In 2010, a pipeline burst and spilled heavy crude oil into Michigan’s Kalamazoo River. Response agencies tried to clean up the oil but gave up after five years and over a billion dollars spent....

Baykeeper on Patrol: March 2019 Update

The Baykeeper field team is out on the Bay, rain or shine. Earlier in the month, we patrolled the San Francisco waterfront and several shoreline facilities. The team discovered suspicious-looking...

Baykeeper on Patrol: February 2019 Update

Baykeeper regularly partners with LightHawk Conservation Flying to conduct aerial patrols. From aboard a small plane, we can monitor and document the Bay from above, complementing our patrols from...

Poor Dredging Practices Harm Bay Wetlands and Kill Fish

Dredgers in San Francisco Bay are using outdated dredging methods to keep shipping channels open. As a result, they are harming wetlands and killing endangered fish. The Army Corps of...

The Battle to Stop Coal Pollution in the Bay

In 2011, Baykeeper staff members were conducting a regular patrol on the Bay and came across a highly toxic polluting activity. A shipping terminal on the Richmond shoreline had put large piles of...

Taking on the Fossil Fuel Industry Surrounding SF Bay

In spite of the existential threat posed by climate change, the fossil fuel industry continues to push relentlessly for expansions—more oil, more coal, more dirty emissions. And the Bay Area is no...

Stopping a Hostile Takeover of the Bay

A clam smaller than a penny stealthily enters San Francisco Bay waters.  It begins quickly devouring the tiny plankton at the base of the Bay’s food chain, causing small local fish to starve. It...

Baykeeper on Patrol: January 2019 Update

For Baykeeper, the rainy season means testing polluted runoff flowing from shoreline facilities into the Bay. Over our last 30 years defending the Bay, we've held more than 200 companies accountable...

The Bay’s Sand Belongs to You

Private mining companies are removing too much sand from San Francisco Bay. Without sufficient sand, there's not enough to replenish the shoreline, including wetlands and areas with severe erosion...


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