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Lawsuit Aims to Force Trump to Protect Imperiled Longfin Smelt, Seven Other Species

SAN FRANCISCO— The Center for Biological Diversity and San Francisco Baykeeper sued the Trump administration today for failing to protect the longfin smelt, as well as seven other highly imperiled...

Sucking water from rivers leaves only a trickle for the Bay

For decades, San Francisco Bay and the California Delta have been starved for fresh water. As cities and farms suck water from Sierra rivers, only a trickle of fresh water is left to flow unimpeded...

Baykeeper on Patrol: May 2019 Update

Baykeeper recently received a pollution hotline tip about a company that dumped material on a shoreline site. The potentially toxic substance was embedded in the dirt, so Baykeeper's scientists used...

Wetlands are key to the Bay’s future

The Bay’s tides are projected to rise 5 feet within the next generation. That means the wetlands and marshes resting right at the waterline are vulnerable. They will be among the first areas to...

New Trump Proposal Threatens the Bay

A new proposal from the Trump administration poses a big threat to San Francisco Bay and to local drinking water. If it’s adopted, the rule could erase Clean Water Act protections for streams and...

Baykeeper on Patrol: April 2019 Update

Baykeeper Field Investigator Sienna Courter was out on the patrol boat recently with Dr. Katlin Bowman for a new round of microplastics sampling in the Bay. The sampling is for a National...

Calling out Caltrans for Trashing the Bay

Bay Area roadways, as we’ve all seen firsthand, are heavily littered with trash. And most of the trash you see along the highway is headed right for San Francisco Bay. That’s because Caltrans, the...

Tipster Reports Sludge Threatening the Bay

In Oakland’s Montclair area, a Baykeeper Pollution Hotline tipster spotted thick, muddy sludge running off a hillside construction site. She reported to us that the sludge was running into a storm...

Fish out of water: Debunking myths in the Bay-Delta water debate

California’s water wars are often framed as fish versus Big Ag. But a new study reveals just how much fish are losing out. Lobbyists for industrial agriculture and big cities, including some in...

A Green New Deal for a Blue SF Bay

Our children’s San Francisco Bay could be vastly different from what we know today. Rising water levels in the Bay are likely to inundate toxic hotspots, industrial facilities, and sewage...

New report: Delta water supply impacted by human use protections and capacity significantly more than endangered fishes

89% of Delta water flow into Bay was to combat salinity or due to water flows exceeding export capacity. Less than 1.5% related to Delta smelt. SACRAMENTO, CA—New findings published in the journal...

Trump EPA Makes it Easier to Destroy Bay Wetlands

It just got a lot easier for the Cargill corporation to pave over San Francisco Bay wetlands to build offices, condos, and strip malls. At Cargill’s request, Trump’s EPA recently issued a decision...


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