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The latest on Baykeeper's activities to defend San Francisco Bay, its tributaries across the Bay Area, and the communities that rely on a healthy environment.

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Baykeeper on Patrol: December 2018 Update

The world's longest running wildlife census, the Audubon Christmas Bird Count, will begin on December 14. Volunteer Baykeeper Skipper Robert Fairbank will help a team tally birds in South Marin...

Raw Sewage in the Bay is Not Okay

The rainy season brings a big problem for San Francisco Bay: sewage spills. Aging sewer pipes around the Bay Area are crumbling. And many cities have been ignoring the problem for decades. Large...

Protecting the Bay’s Most Sensitive Habitats from an Oil Spill

In 2007, the Cosco Busan container ship struck the Bay Bridge, ripping open its fuel hold and spilling 53,000 gallons of oil into San Francisco Bay. The spill killed thousands of birds, closed...

Using Google Maps to Plan for Sea Level Rise in the Bay

The projections for sea level rise in the coming decades are dire. Around San Francisco Bay, rising tides threaten to flood toxic sites, damage infrastructure, and submerge important habitat areas...

Baykeeper on Patrol: November 2018 Update

Baykeeper Field Investigator Sienna Courter recently received a hotline tip about a hundreds of plastic bottles that spilled out on the Bay Bridge. She immediately got in touch with local agencies to...

New Legal Ruling in the Long Battle to Protect the Bay’s Sand

In 2012, California approved a dramatic doubling of sand mining in San Francisco Bay, which allowed private companies to remove and sell an unprecedented 2 million cubic yards of Bay sand every year...

The Bay Area’s Most Toxic Sites are Vulnerable to Sea Level Rise

Numerous industrial facilities—including oil refineries, shipyards, and manufacturing plants—surround San Francisco Bay, as well as over 1,000 inactive sites contaminated with hazardous waste....

No Water, No Fish: The Fight for Fresh Water Flows

Healthy levels of fresh water are vital for San Francisco Bay and the San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta. Without sufficient flows through these waterways, toxic algae spread, fish die, and...

Celebrate this Thanksgiving without Polluting the Bay

When you think of the holidays, Bay contamination probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But every year, celebratory meals worsen sewage pollution in San Francisco Bay. Holiday cooking...

Baykeeper on Patrol: October 2018 Update

In early October, from our patrol boat, the Baykeeper team observed a company in Alameda dumping construction waste directly into the Bay. We reached out to the company to bring it to their attention...

A Victory for Protecting People Who Eat Fish from the Bay

People who eat fish caught in San Francisco Bay are exposed to toxic substances because polluters regularly contaminate the Bay with dangerous substances like mercury, dioxins, and PCBs.  The...

The Bay’s Sand Should be Protected – Not Sold for a Profit

A multinational corporation is mining the Bay’s sand to sell it for profit, and it’s harming Ocean Beach and other Bay Area beaches and wetlands. California is currently allowing Lehigh Hanson...


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