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Whistleblower Sets Off Probe Into Illegal Discharge Of Petcoke At Port Of Benicia


BENICIA (KPIX) – An environmental watchdog claims it caught a polluter on camera in the act of repeatedly discharging a petroleum byproduct illegally into the bay at the Port of Benicia. The...

8 Months After Chevron Oil Refinery Spill, Few Answers Surface About Cause


In the eight months since hundreds of gallons of fuel from Chevron's Richmond oil refinery spilled into the bay, local air regulators and the state's workplace safety agency have issued a handful of...

Huntington Beach Oil Spill: Two Experts Explain What Happens Next


The environmental impact of the Huntington Beach oil spill will be felt for years to come. Between October 1 and 2, a pipeline leak released around 126,000 gallons (just under 573,000 liters) of...

Watchdog alleges routine pollution at Port of Benicia

Vallejo Sun

An environmental watchdog has alleged in a letter to the Port of Benicia that it has routinely allowed petroleum pollutants to drain into the Carquinez Strait in violation of federal and state...

Bay advocacy group says it intends to sue Port of Benicia owner

The Daily Republic

BENICIA — San Francisco Baykeeper announced it has notified Amports Inc., owner of the Port of Benicia, of its intent to sue the corporation for what Baykeeper asserts are violations of the Clean...

Video and Photos at Port of Benicia Show Fossil Fuel Polluter in the Act

Benicia Independent

Public Tips Lead to Catching Fossil Fuel Polluter in the Act – Baykeeper Notifies Benicia Petcoke Polluter of Intent to Sue … Oakland, CA—San Francisco Baykeeper yesterday served a notice of intent...

Northern California Environmentalists Respond to Massive Huntington Beach Oil Spill


One of the largest oil spills in recent Southern California history fouled popular beaches that could end up closed for months as crews scrambled Sunday to contain the crude before it spread further...

Pressed by drought and climate change, a California city turns to desalination

Courthouse News

ANTIOCH, Calif. (CN) — Founded on a lush plain of the largest estuary on the West Coast of North America shortly after gold was discovered, Antioch’s fortunes have always risen and fallen with the...

Marine veterans combat SF’s pandemic pollution with brand-new cleanup effort

San Francisco Examiner

When Kyle Hansen enlisted in the United States Marine Corps straight out of high school in Orange County, he never imagined he’d be traveling the country cleaning up other people’s trash. He had...

Climate change hits sushi supply chain amid California water war


If you’ve eaten sushi anywhere in the U.S., chances are the rice came from California’s Sacramento Valley. Fritz Durst, a sixth-generation farmer, has grown the grain and other crops there for more...

Environmentalists oppose developer’s plan to fill in part of Redwood City tidal lagoon to build apartment complex

Mercury News

REDWOOD CITY — Environmentalists are rising up against a developer’s plan to dredge part of a San Francisco Bay tidal lagoon and use the fill to cover marshes around it so a 350-unit apartment...

Alameda mayor’s address: Grant application in works for ‘De-Pave Park’

East Bay Times

A World War II-era runway on the westernmost side of Seaplane Lagoon at Alameda Point will eventually be converted into a 12-acre urban park and tidal ecosystem. “De-Pave Park” (a placeholder name...


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