Baykeeper Update

Vote Yes on Prop 37—Label Genetically Engineered Food

Baykeeper recommends you vote Yes on Proposition 37, the statewide initiative that requires genetically engineered food sold in California to be labeled. Prop 37’s passage will empower Californians to choose whether or not to eat food and drink beverages containing genetically engineered ingredients. Right now, food manufacturers are allowed to keep secret the presence of genetically modified ingredients in their products.

Major corporations that profit from genetically engineered food, including Monsanto, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, and Nestle have spent $36 million to defeat Prop 37. One piece of disinformation they are spreading is the false claim that genetically engineered foods reduce pesticide use.

However, the studies are clear: genetically engineered crops increase pesticide use – by over 400 million pounds. Increased pesticide use puts farmworkers and rural community members who live near fields at great health risk. Pesticides also contaminate many of our state’s creeks and rivers, and pollute San Francisco Bay. Consumers, farmers, farmworkers, rural communities, and California waterways will all benefit from Prop 37. Vote Yes!