Baykeeper Update

Shark Fin Ban Passes Legislature

California Assembly Bill 376, which would prohibit the possession, sale, trade and distribution of shark fins in the state, successfully passed the California Senate today and will now go to Governor Jerry Brown to be signed into law.

Baykeeper joined environmental and conservation groups in supporting AB 376, which will limit the killing of tens of millions of sharks every year for their fins, often for use in shark fin soup. This unsustainable practice is threatening the survival of shark populations around the world. As predators at or near the top of the marine food chain, sharks help maintain the balance of marine life in coastal and ocean ecosystems.

California is a significant market for shark fins in the United States, and this demand helps drive the practice of shark finning worldwide. While the practice of shark finning is banned in the United States, current laws do not address the import and sale of shark fins from other parts of the world.

The successful passage of AB 376 is an important measure for protecting sharks and preserving the health of ocean ecosystems and biodiversity.