Baykeeper Update

New Legal Action Against Hanson Aggregates

Baykeeper recently filed a Clean Water Act citizen lawsuit in U.S. Federal District Court against Hanson Aggregates for illegal discharges of storm water and wastewater from three of its Bay Area facilities.

This legal action follows a year-long investigation in which we found these Hanson facilities to have illegally discharged toxic pollutants such as metals and hydrocarbons directly to the Bay. Baykeeper conducted site inspections and collected storm water samples for analysis, as well as reviewing five years' worth of Hanson's own self-reported documents.

The facilities are located at Pier 92 and Pier 94 in San Francisco, and on Tidewater Street in Oakland near San Leandro Bay.

The company conducts sand and gravel washing and processing for cement production at two facilities in San Francisco and one in Oakland. Hanson uses dredged materials that contain toxic contaminants harmful to water quality, aquatic life and Bay recreational users.

This case follows a long history of Baykeeper watchdog enforcement against industrial pollution sources along the Bay's shorelines. Read more about our work to stop industrial chemicals from entering the Bay and hold industrial polluters accountable.