Baykeeper Update

Hanson Agrees to Reduce Pollution to the Bay

Baykeeper and Hanson Aggregates have reached a tentative settlement agreement to reduce pollution from three of the company's Bay Area facilities. Baykeeper filed suit against Hanson in April 2011 for illegal discharges of storm water and wastewater from three facilities where Hanson conducts sand and gravel washing of dredged materials that contain toxic contaminants harmful to water quality, aquatic life and Bay recreational users.

The settlement agreement requires Hanson to construct berms to control storm water flows; conduct regular site sweeping; install additional filters around storm drain systems; and erect silt fencing around certain work areas, among other improvements. The facilities are located at Pier 92 and Pier 94 in San Francisco, and on Tidewater Street in Oakland near San Leandro Bay.

To address the harm done to the ecosystem by their previous pollution, Hanson will provide $25,000 to Golden Gate Audubon for restoration of the wetlands adjacent to Hanson's Pier 94 facility and $10,000 to the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment for other nonprofit projects that benefit the San Francisco Bay watershed.