Baykeeper on Patrol: June 2019 Update

Jun 14, 2019

In June, Baykeeper conducted an aerial patrol to investigate a proposal by the federal Army Corps of Engineers to deepen a shipping channel in the San Joaquin River near Stockton. Ship traffic from Stockton travels on the San Joaquin River, including some ships that pass through the Delta to San Francisco Bay and then out to the Pacific Ocean and overseas destinations.

The plan to deepen the ship channel would allow even bigger ships in the river to carry toxic coal and other hazardous materials from dirty facilities near Stockton, like the one pictured below. That poses an increased threat to the Bay from more toxic material transport. Plus we're watchdogging the Army Corps to ensure that any dredging plans use the least harmful methods that don't kill fish in the river. We'll be monitoring the proposal closely to protect fish and the Bay.

Below, a facility near Stockton that handles toxic materials like sulfur. Photo by Baykeeper volunteer photographer Robb Most, thanks to LightHawk Conservation Flying. 

Coal Facility

More recent Baykeeper updates in our June e-news. 

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