Frequently Asked Questions for Bay Parade Fundraisers

I'm a returning participant. How do I create a personal fundraising page?

If you've participated in past Bay Parades, you probably have an existing account at Go to and click option 1, "Are you a returning fundraiser? Login in to your account here." Then enter your user name and email to log in. After you log in you will review your online account details of first name, last name, and email. Click "Continue." The next page will allow you to create and personalize your 2019 Bay Parade personal fundraising page. Remember to click save! You will receive an email confirming that your page has been created.

I'm a returning participant and I got an error that my email address is already registered.

Did you try to set up a fundraising page and get an error message that the email address is already registered? Or do you need to recover your login information?

Go to and click option 2, "If you aren't sure or don't have your login information reset your password." Enter in your email address or username and click, "E-mail new password." You will receive an email with a one-time login link.

Once you are logged on, click on the link in the upper left hand corner entitled, "Click here to view your fundraising account and personal fundraising pages." You can now create your 2019 Bay Parade personal fundraising page by clicking the link, "Make a new personal fundraising page here."

This is my first Bay Parade. How do I create a personal fundraising page?

If this is your first time logging in to, go to and click option 3, "If this is your first time create a new account." You will be prompted to select a username, password, and fill in your contact information. Press the "continue" button on the bottom of the screen. You will then be taken to "Step 2" to fill in the information for your personal fundraising page.

You will also receive a confirmation email with details of your account. To log back in to your account later, go to

Can I make edits to my page after I set it up?

Yes. All you have to do is log in to your account at and click on the link on the upper left-hand side of the page that reads "Click here to view your fundraising account and personal fundraising pages." That link will take you to your current personal fundraising page. Click on your page to open it. A yellow text box will be visible, only to you, on the top of the page. Click on the blue text that reads "Edit your page." When you are finished making edits, click the "Save" button on the bottom of the page. Everyone who visits your page will see the updated version.

Do you want to see how your page will look to your friends and family? Either copy the url and paste it into a private browser or log out and then paste the link into your web browser.

How do I share my fundraising page with my friends, family, and social network?

  • Use the "Tell A Friend" tool: Navigate to your personal fundraising page and click on "Tell Friends" in the menu above your page. You will be prompted to write a personal message and enter names and email addresses for your friends and family. A sample message is below. The link to your fundraising page will be automatically included your message.
  • By Email: If you want to send your personal fundraising page using your personal email platform, just copy and paste the URL into your email message and send it to your friends and family.
  • On Social Media: Navigate to your personal fundraising page. Copy the URL and paste it into a tweet or status update on Facebook. We suggest uploading a photo to your fundraising ask posts if your chosen photo doesn't display automatically.   

Visitors to the Baykeeper website can also go to, click on the "Donate" button, and see a list of all participants' fundraising pages.

How can I encourage donations to my fundraising page?

  • Make it personal. Include a message on your fundraising page about why this event is important to you. If you share your page on social media sites like Facebook, be sure to include a personal message about why you are participating and asking friends to donate.

Sample Message

Hi friends and family,

On August 11, I will [paddle/swim] in the Bay Parade along the San Francisco waterfront to McCovey Cove. I'm [paddling/swimming] to support San Francisco Baykeeper, our local champion for a safe and protected San Francisco Bay.

My goal is to raise $X. Please help me in supporting San Francisco Baykeeper's important work by donating in honor of my participation. Any amount you can donate will help me reach my goal!

Your contribution will fund Baykeeper's work to keep San Francisco Bay safe for recreation, healthy for wildlife, and protected for future generations.

Help me stand up for the beautiful San Francisco Bay we love so much. Click here to see my page and to make a donation today: [link to your Bay Parade fundraising page].

  • Don't be shy! Taking action to support a cause you believe in is worth sharing with your friends and family. Many will be touched by your commitment to help protect the Bay and the environment.
  • Start early, and don't be afraid to ask more than once. Most people need multiple reminders to take action before they make time to pull out their credit card or check book.
  • Provide your friends and family with updates on how it's going, both with your preparation for participating in the parade and with your fundraising.

Can I create a fundraising page for my entire team?

Yes, your team can create a single shared fundraising page, but only one team member will be the administrator of the fundraising page and will have access to the settings. Your team is still required to reach the fundraising minimum for each participant. For example, if your team has 4 swimmers, the fundraising minimum will be $800 dollars (4 x $200 minimum each).

Fundraising results will also be divided amongst the team members. For example, if your team of four raises $2,000, each participant will receive the prizes at the $500 level.

Can I create a Facebook fundraiser?

Yes. If you create a Facebook fundraiser, please tag Baykeeper (@SanFranciscoBaykeeper) in your fundraiser description and email with a link to your fundraiser so we can count these donations towards your fundraising minimum. However, please note that your personal fundraising page on the Baykeeper website will not reflect the donations to your Facebook fundraiser. 

I am volunteering for the Bay Parade, can I create a fundraising page?

Yes. While volunteers are not required to fundraise as part of their participation, we encourage all participants to fundraise to support Baykeeper's work to protect the Bay and hold polluters accountable. We have some great fundraising prizes to encourage your fundraising initiatives!

How can I see who has made donations to my page?

Go to and log in if you haven't yet. Then click on the link on the top left of the page that reads "Click here to view your fundraising account and personal fundraising pages." This will go to a page called "Your Fundraising for Baykeeper" that lists your fundraising pages and contributors to your fundraising page, with their contact info and how much they have donated. Or from the preview of your personal fundraising page, (with a yellow box at the top), click the link that says "View the list of donors who have contributed to your fundraising." You will also receive an email notification every time someone donates to your page.

What if someone's donation is not showing up on my page?

It's possible for someone to make a donation to the event or to Baykeeper without going through your personal fundraising page. If they do this, it will not automatically be counted towards your fundraising goal. But don't worry! Just email and let us know the name of your friend, and that their donation should be credited to your page. We'll make the update so that the gift will show up your page and be credited towards your fundraising goal. Donors can also choose to remain anonymous when donating to your page. This donation will be counted towards your goal but their name will not be listed in the honor roll.

Can I send in donations by check?

Yes, we can credit gifts by check to your fundraising page. We just need to know that they're for you! Make sure your donors include a note or write in the memo line that the gift is in honor of you and your participation in the Bay Parade. Checks should be sent to: San Francisco Baykeeper, 1736 Franklin St, Ste 800, Oakland, CA 94612.

Can I pay my fundraising requirement instead of fundraising?

Yes. If you prefer to cover the fundraising requirement with a personal gift, you can make a donation here, adding a note that this is for your fundraising requirement. You can also donate by mailing a check to: San Francisco Baykeeper, 1736 Franklin St, Ste 800, Oakland, CA 94612. Please include a note that the gift is to cover your fundraising requirement.

Can I make a donation to my own page to add to my fundraising total?

Yes! If you have a fundraising page, you can make a gift directly to your personal fundraising page.

What happens if I don't meet my fundraising commitment?

Every participant must raise their minimum fundraising requirement in addition to their registration fee in order to participate in the Bay Parade. If you haven't raised your minimum fundraising requirement by Sunday, August 5, we'll ask you make up the difference immediately with a personal gift to Baykeeper, to ensure your place in the event. See below for your minimum fundraising requirement based on your participant type.

  • Swimmers: $200
  • Kayakers: $75
  • SUPers: $75
  • Boaters: Fundraising is encouraged but not required.

What happens if I exceed my fundraising commitment?

All of the money you raise goes directly to support Baykeeper's work to stop pollution in San Francisco Bay. You will receive the prize at the level that you fundraise. For example, if you select $300 as your fundraising goal, but really raise $500, you will receive all of the prizes at the $500 level.

Fundraising prizes will be announced soon.

Can my friends and family join me at the event?

Your friends and family are welcome to register to participate as a swimmer or paddler.

Or they can join you at the Bay Parade After Party. Tickets to the party are available with every $50 donation to a swimmer or paddler's fundraising page. You can also purchase After Party tickets directly.

They are also invited to watch the finale from land. They can cheer you on from the walking pier alongside McCovey Cove, on the south east corner of Oracle Park.

More information about the parade and after party are at

Don't see your question answered above? Contact us at or (510) 735-9700 ext 112.