You Can Help Save the Newark Wetlands
Photo: Aric Crabb

You Can Help Save the Newark Wetlands

Join us in taking action and spreading the word to #SaveNewarkWetlands!

One of the biggest opportunities to protect and restore San Francisco Bay wetlands and wildlife is at risk of being lost forever.

The City of Newark has approved a development project to pave over hundreds of acres of open space adjacent to the Don Edwards SF Bay National Wildlife Refuge, trucking in over 100,000 dump trucks full of fill to destroy wetlands within a flood zone that’s anticipated to be completely inundated by sea level rise—in order to construct 469 luxury homes. Restored wetlands, on the other hand, would provide a natural flood buffer for neighboring communities. 

Stand up for the future of San Francisco Bay. Call on the Newark City Council to permanently protect and restore (not develop!) Newark Area 4, and support its inclusion in the Don Edwards SF Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

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