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Tell Cities to Stop Treating the Bay Like a Dumpster

You don’t have to be an expert to know that the Bay Area’s trash pollution problem has gotten entirely out of hand.

Trash of all kinds is rapidly accumulating throughout our neighborhoods, parks, streets, and shorelines—where it often ends up being washed down storm drains and flooding straight into San Francisco Bay. But the local agency responsible for ensuring the Bay isn’t treated like a dumpster isn’t living up to its responsibilities.

Ten years ago, the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Board ordered Bay Area cities to stop all trash from going into the Bay by 2022. But cities aren’t on track—many are not even close—despite the fact that Baykeeper and our partner advocates have been persistently alerting the Board to this problem for many years.

Instead of holding Bay Area cities accountable and forcing improvements, the Water Board is now backing off. The agency is proposing to extend the deadline for cities to eliminate trash to 2025. The Water Board has even created loopholes in the form of “credits” that allow cities to count other activities as offsets so they don’t have to meet trash reduction goals. This fuzzy accounting lets cities off the hook while rafts of trash continue to flow daily into our beautiful Bay.

The changes needed are urgent and past due. The Water Board needs to stop kicking the can down the road—and down the storm drain—for the future of San Francisco Bay.

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