Baykeeper's E-Newsletter for May 14, 2008

New Spills Hit the Bay

Early this morning, a tug boat in the Carquinez Strait hit a gasoline pipeline near the Tesoro refinery in Martinez, spilling gasoline into the Bay. Not long after, a sewage overflow from a treatment plan in Marin sent 64,000 gallons of partially treated wastewater into Racoon Strait. The Bay is under constant pressure from a dense urban landscape, from shoreline industrial facilities like oil and gas companies and from increased shipping traffic throughout the Bay. Baykeeper is your pollution watchdog, working to protect the Bay.

  • Baykeeper was on the scene of the gas spill today, closely monitoring the response in order to ensure that lessons learned from last November’s 53,000-gallon oil spill are put into action. While it appears the leak is small, the situation offers an opportunity to evaluate response measures and determine where improvements are needed before another crisis occurs. Baykeeper served on the Coast Guard committee to evaluate the response to last November's oil spill, and we’re eager to see the recommendations from the committee put in place. We’ve also been working with Bay Area state assemblymembers to sponsor and support legislation that will improve oil spill preparedness and response throughout California.
  • Baykeeper is now investigating the details of this morning’s sewage spill into Racoon Strait. Earlier this year, Baykeeper launched a Sick of Sewage initiative in response to numerous sewage overflows to the Bay – including an overflow of more than 5 million gallons from a plant in Mill Valley. With your help, we’re stepping up our decade-long campaign to end sewage spills to the Bay by calling for a total overhaul of the Bay Area’s crumbling sewage infrastructures.

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New Spills Hit the Bay