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BK In The News: January 31, 2010
Many of the Bay Area's sewer pipes and processing plants are so outdated that spills are a given every time big storms overwhelm the draining systems. Spills happen "all over the bay," Baykeeper policy analyst Sara Aminzadeh said on the organization's boat last week.
Press Release: January 28, 2010
Today, San Francisco Baykeeper filed a complaint in federal district court to join the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) enforcement action against six East Bay cities and one sewage district for illegal sewage spills. This enforcement action is the culmination of years of Baykeeper...
BK In The News: January 22, 2010
More than 23 sewage overflows fouled the region this week, said Sara Aminzadeh of San Francisco Baykeeper, causing the closure of five beaches in San Francisco, including Baker and Ocean.
E News: January 21, 2010
Heavy Rains Trigger Sewer System Breakdowns Across the Bay Area Victory! Court Rules that Ghost Fleet is Illegally Polluting the Bay Help Protect Protect the Bay from Invasive Kelp Take Action Against Power Plants that Harm the Bay Support Baykeeper's Work to Defend the Bay Heavy Rains...
BK In The News: January 21, 2010
A federal judge found Thursday that a fleet of rotting warships anchored near San Francisco Bay is in violation of federal and state pollution laws. "We can't allow these vessels to contaminate the bay for another ten or twenty years," said Jason Flanders, a staff attorney with San Francisco...
Monthly Column: January 1, 2010
When I received news of the Dubai Star oil spill in late October, I immediately turned to the Bay’s oil spill contingency plan, the document that governs how federal and state government agencies respond to an oil spill. The plan contains important information about the Bay’s sensitive sites...
E News: December 16, 2009
Three New Lawsuits to Protect the Bay from Sewage Spills Experienced Birders Needed for the Christmas Bay Bird Count on Dec 26 Baykeeper On Patrol: Monitoring Two Ghost Fleet Cleanings Exploring New Legislation to Protect Against Oil Spill Damage Baykeeper's 2009 Annual Report Now Available...
BK In The News: December 11, 2009
An environmental watchdog group has filed a lawsuit against the West Bay Sanitary District and two Peninsula cities over violations of clean water laws. San Francisco Baykeeper, in a lawsuit filed Dec. 2 in U.S. District Court, contends that thousands of gallons of sewage overspills reached...
BK In The News: December 4, 2009
Pam Welsh was a retired risk management analyst immersed in her family’s life when she learned this year that her Marin County bedroom community was considering a contract to have the world’s largest water company operate the local sewage plant.
BK In The News: December 4, 2009
San Francisco Baykeeper has added San Carlos to its list of Peninsula cities sued because of sewer overflows but the city contends its aggressive program is addressing the problem of an outdated system.