Baykeeper Update

Baykeeper on Patrol: October 2018 Update

In early October, from our patrol boat, the Baykeeper team observed a company in Alameda dumping construction waste directly into the Bay. We reached out to the company to bring it to their attention and make sure that they change their behavior. "It's illegal for companies to treat the Bay like a trash can," Baykeeper's Managing Attorney Erica Maharg points out. "Sometimes they need a strongly worded reminder."

When we're on patrol, Baykeeper monitors for boats that pollute the Bay. We recently spotted a boat at a holding facility that was removed from the Bay because it was illegally anchored in San Francisco's Aquatic Cove for several months earlier this year. After receiving reports that the boater had been dumping raw sewage into the Bay, Baykeeper advocated for the boat's removal, and authorities impounded the vessel. Now it is no longer polluting the Bay.

One of the perks of going out on boat patrol is seeing the Bay's beautiful wildlife. Below is a picture taken from aboard the Baykeeper boat of a night heron near the San Francisco shore, captured by our volunteer photographer, Robb Most.

Night heron